Flow Writing Prompt

I attended a most inspiring meet up the other night that was called "Music and Flow" hosted by the ever so lovely couple James and Jamee at their Love Shack. It was my first time, I had no idea what to expect, and I was asked to perform a song! Couldn't ask for a more magical combination!

We were all given a photo, asked to look at it and write down the words this photo inspired in us... With those words we created a story, a song, a whatever, for about 10 minutes of quiet writing. Here's what came of mine! It was absolutely invigorating to hear the reactions it brought up in the fellow writers surrounding me... Man, I HAVE TO WRITE MORE!!!


She was jagged
Jose knew it
all her cracks - drugs and pain
That itchy wool coat made her feel - even though she hated every itch of its touch.
She craved the twilight 
finding meaning in a sunset never got old - 
no - she'd never tell him she waned flowers - rose sweet scent was her perfume but somehow the city noise took on a new smell around her ears - 
busy-ness was her business.
She became friendly with the sewer system - riding buses and trains just to clean her brain
she felt smooth in the bus stop motion - full of calm commotion.
Life is travel.
She wanted mystery and old stories-
She'd take a taco truck any day over a pot of pasta on main street - 
it was the mexican food that did it - 
She looked at all the memories, all the old love she once embraced-
but her purse was full of missed chances to take - 
her phone full of numbers form the past-
She etched her cellphone digits on the side of a bathroom stall just to see who she might meet - she might actually meet the man of her dreams.
There was no such thing as ireland - thats a word someone made up just to feel important - 
If millions of people weren't there it wasn't home and it was no where to be
She was purple - and pink
this was love on the streets at its peak.
Pigeons walking felt like a language she could speak.
this was her city and it made her heart beat - 
Pretty was everything ugly- making sense was so 1993.
no one liked just having a good memory, they needed art on their skin to give them a life well lived.