"Jasmine Saturday"

"baby let me just breathe you in - "

lets make new beginnings out of our green sweet skin, theres no time limit to the love we consume...

"baby its just me an you"

we ride the waves of every perfect saturday - minds take a rest - lets just live this magical holiday

"you feel perfect on the exhale and your leaves..."

were never going home - were home every day - theres no trying today - we know how to do this thing. met you ona long walk and you always come home by spring - 

"oh memories - my heart sings"

god loved us when he gave us you- baby ill give you all my love if you let me have each bloom - ill make you a special room where spring lasts forever and youll never be alone - friends gather - lady bugs - watering you is my pleasure - say ill be yours forever.  oh baby you smell so sweet let me drink you in my tea - theres nothing more delightful - im simply living in ecstacy - drip drop - youre my essential oil of choice - sea salt rub me till i make noise - such a poised little lady give me something romantic - let me be your baby

Spring came late this year - every street filled up with my tears - dont make me wait years again - i just simply can not - there was no pain greater than when I saw you rotting on the neighbors doorstep - i should have called the authorities - that they could do such horrid atrocities - i welcom you in - say youll let me come - say we can begin again - ill have it no other way - baby - youre my jasmine saturday.

PS. Were never getting any younger - Ill always want more and youll always find in me your lover - i bought a new vase just written with your name - i wont lie theres no other game i want to play- give me all you got and this will never end - im here when youre ready - my love knows no end...