The Day Before...(explicit language)

every day is the day before. day before what, we don't know. we can guess, we can plan and god will laugh us all the way to the next thing, as if we could really know what lies ahead. 

today is the day before election day. this is true. this we know. the outcome, we know not. i've given up on the traditional caring of this election because it drains me of everything i have and i am tired of giving up my everyday power to be happy because its election year. so im done. tomorrow will happen, a new president will be named, people will grumble, shit and piss all over this country and the beat will go on. until it doesn't any longer. and well, were all just walking ourselves to that day no matter what.

you see, our power lies within what we are doing with our selves, our minds, this minute. right now. where are you and is it where you want to be? i'm speaking both physically, emotionally, and mentally. are you working towards something? for yourself or others? are you passionate about anything and taking the steps to actively make it happen? are you caring for yourself and those around you by taking stock in your health and mental health? this is where our power lies. its either highly activated or laying dormant, and laziness is the latter by the way. there is no time guys, there is no tomorrow, or later, or maybe next time, or next year, no... right now. right fucking now. you have the choice. to be happy,or unhappy, to be powerful, to be passionate, to change yourself. right now. you own that and no one has been telling you for years.

someday i get so fucking revved up. i know all the things i should be doing, that i fucking should all over myself more often than not, and it's a weird habit. but i know deep down, it's what keeps me closer to making these positive changes then some sort of apathy towards my own power. id much rather beat myself up a bit more than i should to get out there, run those 5 miles, read that article and get more information, get up earlier, actually eat breakfast, and knock a few more dreams off the to do list, than to just be fine with my status quo. its not enough, and deep down i have a fire that keeps burning and reminding me that everything i want is attainable and will come to fruition if i keep that fire alive and burning, if i stoke it more often than not. are you stoking your own fire?

see, i've never been in the habit of blaming others for my unhappiness, i've always been a bit masochistic about it always being my fault, and i've done some work on that. the thing is, i cant control you or anyone else, but i can do my best to control myself. and sometimes, i don't even get that ability, but i've spent most of my life trying to control my every move. a bit too much at times, but it became a skill set that i happily take on. no one can change it for you, guys. no one. the president sure as hell cant so fucking get off the couch and get to doing your own work; YOU.

we have no idea what tomorrow brings. you don't have tomorrow to think about, its not for sure, but you do have right now if you are above the ground and breathing and you have a job to do. that job is you. make you the best you can be, have a passion, get a dream, do something different, because we all know the definition of insanity. and most of us are living on that wheel every day and its time we stop. see, our own power will awaken in the quiet recesses of our minds if we give it some peace and quiet. so turn the fucking tv and iphone and computers off for a fucking day, my gawd. were all fucking lemmings, completely shut off by technology that we forget we all are just humans and damn it were way more important than a piece of technology that is way too damn expensive. 

today - drink more water, go for a walk and smile at strangers... tomorrow, go vote, forget about it, then go home and make something beautiful out of the time you have been given. you have the power to make a difference, and you are showing it in how you choose to live your life.